• Advancing the state of real-time MR guided neurotherapy.

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We are developing a platform technology for encapsulating workflow ‘apps’ for MR image-guided, minimally invasive procedures. We work to partner with rather than compete against current therapeutic device, surgical workstation, and scanner manufacturers by providing customizable imaging solutions that they unable to provide due to technical or market fundamentals. Our name is derived from our ability to insert devices under real-time (RT) guidance.


Our company has recognized key gaps that have constrained clinical adoption that center around the inability of MR manufacturers (MR OEMs), therapeutic device companies, and surgical workstation companies to effectively co-develop, obtain FDA approval, and build the simplicity that will attract new customers for MR-guided procedures. Currently, device companies are beholden to MR OEMs to implement the imaging features and interfaces needed to guide the MR-compatible devices they build. Most often, the scope and market size of new interventional procedures does not match the overwhelmingly diagnostic focus of mature MR OEMs. We have developed a means to circumvent that dependency, both in utilization of MR OEM engineering and regulatory resources.

Development Process

We currently have two areas of focus: drug delivery in the brain for applications in cancer, degenerative neurological diseases, and psychiatric conditions and guiding robotic-controlled in-bore breast biopsy.

  1. We have developed a prototype platform for real-time, interactive navigation of cannulas into the brain and the imaging technology to quantitatively measure infusion distribution. We have successfully applied the platform to guide 30 convection enhanced delivery procedures in in-vivo swine brains and five gene delivery procedures in a non-human-primate model.
  2. We are providing the imaging interface for a Madison-based Phase I SBIR startup, Marvel Medtech (MMT). MMT aims to provide MR-compatible robotic-controlled procedures for the biopsy of MR-only visible lesions. We provide the user imaging interface and real-time imaging control and visualization for guiding and monitoring the needle insertion into the breast.

Unique Features

inseRT MRI is one of the first compaines to provide real-time imaging interfaces and scanning capabilities that can be customized for each interventional application. Our company utilizes a unique real-time imaging platform for prospective, MR-guided procedures with a relatively minimalistic, PC-based external interface. The platform can control the operation of the MR scanner including the pulse sequence (acquisition), image reconstruction, and tissue visualization that is autonomous from the host MRI scanner software in all matters except MR-related patient safety. This approach also allows us to provide an FDA regulatory approval pathway that is independent of the MR scanner regulatory process.

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